A must for a contemporary watch?

Today the change from winter time to daylight-sayings time and back is regulated by law. A network of time zones spans the globe, cut in hours units. What suggests itself more than to be able to separately set the hours hand? Namely by using the crown and not an additional pusher.

A task that is easy to write down but not easy to realise. The available place around the winding mechanism is limited. The way to pull the crown out of the case short and the human intellect often trapped with traditions. It took me quite a while to come up with a solution, a solution that is substancial.

A solution that comprised one additional lever and one double gearwheel. Nothing more! The gearing layout really appeals to me and is in my opinion that elaborate (if not ingenious ) that I christend it the "hours adjustment after Vyskocil". I am anxious if this device will evolve into a common property for quality watches.